Returning from his ACL tear, quarterback Joe Flacco doesn’t have anyone to throw to until Steve Smith Sr. is 100 percent recovered from his Achilles tear.

The Ravens have a decent offensive line, but they still have a rookie at tackle in Ronnie Stanley.

The strength of the Ravens has long been the defense, though. Terrell Suggs returned from his Achilles tear this preseason and should be a force again at outside linebacker. Adding Eric Weddle at strong safety helps the Ravens in the post-Ed Reed era, too.

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The Browns have had the misfortune of playing in the competitive AFC North, but that hasn’t been the cause of all their ills over the years.

At least now the Browns have a quarterback – or a guy who used to play quarterback really well. Robert Griffin III gets his fresh start in Cleveland, and the offense should be fun to watch with Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon (when he returns from suspension) at receiver.

Cleveland has to get better on defense. How will Browns turn this rock bottom Franchise around.

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Is this the year the Bengals break through? We’ve only seen the Bengals Win one Super Bowl in 2 appearances in the OBAFL over 20 + seasons.

Cincinnati hits the road block every year with something  always going wrong at the worse times, and last season it had to do it with Andy Dalton’s QB play .

This isn’t about talent. Cincinnati is loaded on both sides of the ball, and it can be argued that the Bengals have the best starting lineup in all of football.

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The Tandem of Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams will give defenses a fit, how will this right hook be stopped.

If you shut the run down no worries for the Steelers, who still boast Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown in that trio. Pittsburgh won 10 games last season with Big Ben not starting in five.

The Steelers gave up more than 361 yards of offense last year, so if they can get that shored up (hello, defensive backfield), they could be a force in the AFC again.

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