Packers Get it Done

Packers Get it Done



Week 2 in the OBA was building up to be a pretty exciting game with both the Packers and Vikings coming in at 0-1. Last week we watched the Titans beat the Vikings 17 -10 in a dramatic loss followed by the Jaguars upsetting the Packer Nation 31-20. Both these teams needed this week to come in and grab a W since the Lions and Bears both started 1-0 after week 1.

We knew coming into this game it was going to be hard hitting physical game right from the opening kick off. We’ve seen games go from the Good , the bad , the ugly but this one kinda had a pinch all three at times in the first quarter. While Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were up 14-7 in the first quarter things got ugly real quick as Jordy Nelson went to make a catch on a slant route. Once Nelson was hit he seem to be in pain favoring his left leg and was eventually helped off the field and into the locker room for x rays. It wasn’t long after that Clay Matthews would put a explosive hit on Teddy Bridgewater in the early 2nd quarter taking him out for the game with a bruised sternum.  Late in the 2nd quarter Eddie “The Cheeseburger” Lacey made a huge run with his feet but was put down like a wall once the Vikings Defender met him at the sideline and was helped off the field and would also not return for the game. Packer Nation started to get very worried losing 2 of the top offense player in the 1st half was it to early to think the worse only after 2 weeks.


Mr Football himself was on top of it tweeting these out for the game injuries going into halftime.






Anyone watching this game Live tonight would definitely say Aaron Rodgers playing like this is showing why he is the best QB in the OBA hands down. Now the flip side to that is the Packers defensive top player would have to be Sam Shields which to me was like a speeding bullet tonight. Sam was all over the field tonight playing both zone and man, but when he matched up man to man he was a ball hawk gone wild. Sam Shields pick off the Vikings 3 times on possible scoring drives when the Vikings try some Go and come back routes.


What do you get when you take a cold history of Gods and Titans and place them on the field on Sunday ?

Simple another Packers and Vikings game






The bottom line though is once Teddy Bridgewater went out of the game the Vikings mojo / momentum went out the door with him. Aaron Rodgers produced insane numbers going 27- 34 for 435 YARDS 4 TD , 1 INT and a passer rating of 145.7 .









After the game we caught up with Coach Gilete of the Packers and asked what he thought of the game.

Coach Gillette






The Vikings Coach.. Coach Tay did a lot of talking in the media this week and it kinda back fired in his face.  I mean he played great in the 1st quarter and had some opportunities that they didn’t capitalize on. However my guys stayed focused and kept pushing and when it was all said and over and the final whistle blew it was 55-21. Mission Accomplished  !




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