You don’t truly understand the power of the DARK SIDE 

Today the 3-3 Raiders faced off against the 4-1 Jaguars down in Jacksonville. The Vegas odds had the Jags beating the Raiders by 6 points in the points spread.  Both teams play extremely physical in the trenches and and even more so once the ball gets beyond the line. This game was just good old smash mouth football with lots of excitement from start to finish. The Jags had to stick mainly to the Air attack today due to Coach Raiders stressing all week to his group make them one dimensional. One dimensional is exactly what they made of Coach Smugglers Offense today, however some nice place passes by Blake Bortles today. Both teams went into the locker room at Halftime Jags leading 14-12 and to make any small adjustments and or new wrinkles to the game plan . By the time the 3rd Qtr ended it looked like the Jags would keep the momentum leading 21 – 12 and try and capitalize. Right before the players re took the field to start the 4th QTR we noticed Khalil Mack on the side line with his defense getting his players fired up to turn this game around. Whatever Khalil Mack said struck a nerve with the Raiders defense and before you know it they were making turnovers. The Raiders made one INT for a huge pick 6 , then a fumble recovery and then another INT to seal the game for good. The Oakland Raiders and Coach Raiders outscored the Jags 21 points to 7 in the 4th.

Final score 33- 28 


We caught up with Coach Raiders.

Reporter: Coach what did you guys do differently in the 2nd half then in the 1st ?

Coach Raiders: Well if you go back and watch the game you see they get the ball out quick and we noticed they would do quick comebacks or underneath routes at times. So eventually we made them become confident in the 1st, In the 2nd we made the guys play aggressive underneath as well and it payed off big dividends. Football is 4 QTRS and you play to the last whistle.

Reporter: How proud are you of Khalil Mack and what he brings to this team ?

Coach: Honestly I’m very proud of the young man , his leadership of rallying the guys and letting them now that the time is now to make plays. He’s been a remarkable player for us and has been a born leader makes everyone around him play to a high level. What more could you ask for !

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