The Dallas Cowboys and Coach Devonshire had big expectations coming in to the 2016 season. The Cowboys bolster the best offensive lines in all all of the OBAFL. They even drafted an amazing RB in young talented Ezekiel Elliot in the first round of the draft this year spring. Ezekiel Elliot has been one of those most amazing RB coming out of college since the great Barry Sanders saids most Pro Football experts and scouts. They even found a steal of a Gem in Dak Prescott as a possible QB of the future for the Cowboys as Tony Romo is as fragile as your grandma’s China.

Some would say that Dallas should be going hand and hand with the Defending Champs of the New York Giants and Coach LT this year. But for some reason it would seem Dallas is suffering through the Triple D effect this year.

For some that don’t know the term is goes something like this …

  • D –  Diffident
  • D – Disjointed 
  • D – Dwindle


No matter what the Cowboys have tried to do or change it doesn’t seem to be working. They’ve already been shutout twice this year once against their Rivals the Redskins and another NFC team the Packers. Most don’t understand how this team with so much talent could be hitting an all time low so hard 9 weeks in. The Playoffs look very bleak going forward if anyone can’t already notice, So I would say going forward Dallas is running on fumes and just playing for there own pride this far into the season. The Giants already running away with the Division undefeated and the Eagles trying to hold onto the second spot with 7 weeks left.



chadCoach Devonshire

” We haven’t played to the level that we’re capable of and its been disappointing, we just need to grind it out and it correct it sooner rather then later. I need to do a better job of putting these players in better positions with play calling, we as a team need to execute a lot better if we’re to have any success turning this ship around”


The Cowboys have an amazing WR corp with a HOF in Jason Witten at TE but I feel this is what’s been the Cowboys downfall.

They have both Ezekiel Elliot and Alfred Morris and should be steam rolling over defenses with this RB tandem and yet they rather pass. This alone I feel is the best RB tandem in the league and yet they check out before they even give themselves to check in and get things going. Romo has been forcing throws most of this season and Dak at times looks better on some days. I figure there to be more of a rocky road for the young signal caller being a rookie but not for a veteran in Tony Romo.


21186338-standard boys The Cowboys and the Coach just need to make smarter choices with there personal and game plans going forward. And remember that there is no rush trying to score with big plays. You could have the most deadliest ground attack if you learn to use it to your advantage instead of always reverting to the passing heavy first. With only so many games left in the season this is the Cowboys remaining games going forward. How many Wins can this team come out with going forward if only small adjustments are made ? Will the Cowboys move on from Romo after the season ?


The OBAFL fans have been tweeting the past 9 Weeks something different about the Cowboys , But this one hits the nail on the head if you ask me, Do you agree ?




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