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NFC East:

nygGiants: 8-0 (A)

The New York Giants are the last undefeated team in the NFL!! Last few games have been tough, Odell Beckham won the game over the Packers with a one handed TD, as time was expiring, and Josh Brown game winning FG in OT against the Eagles are the only reason why this team is undefeated. How much longer can they stay undefeated!?

phiEagles: 5-4 (C)

Heart breaking lost to Giants in OT in week 9 and a crushing lost to the Falcons in week 10 has this team only 1 game above .500. They really need to step it up if they want to make the playoffs. Losses to Vikings and Falcons might hurt them in the Tie Breaker, But Coach Will can turn it around.

wasRedskins: 3-6 (D)

Coach Pigskin had this team looking good after a 3-2 start, but 4 straight losses has this team probably out of the playoff hunt. It’s a shame, because it looked like the Skins were going to do something this year.

dalCowboys: 2-6 (D-)

Not sure what’s going on in Big D, but this is another team with high expectations, that hasn’t panned out. Rookie RB Ezekial Elliot has done his part on the ground averaging 70 yards a game, but he has fumbled 4 times already. He needs to get that under control if he wants to keep contributing.


NFC North:

gbPackers: 6-2 (A-)

They are holding on to first in the division by a ½ game. After their loss to the Giants (Game of the Year Consideration), they have run off 4 wins in a row, and none of those games were really that close. They are playing angry!! Look for this team to contend for the NFC Title.

detLions: 6-3 (B+)

Lions were looking pretty at 6-1, but now lost 2 straight and sit at 6-3. They sit one game out of first in the North, and they are going to contend. QB Matthew Stafford has thrown 24 TD passes and is on pace for over 40 Tds, even without Megatron.

minVikings: 4-5 (C-)

Not sure if Vikings can contend, but WR Stefon Diggs is having a great year. He is averaging 98 yards per game, along with 6 total Tds. Vikings just need to play good down the stretch and win some crucial division game to possibly vie for a spot in the playoffs.

chiBears: 3-5 (C-)

Jay Cutler is spreading the ball around with 18 Tds to only 5 INTs. But he needs to get help from the running game.. Its been paltry as no one has really emerged out of that group. Running the ball wins those close games.


NFC South:

noSaints: 6-2 (B+)

QB Drew Brees is having a down year with only 10 TD passes, but the running game has made up the difference as Spiller and Ingram have combined for 12 rushing Tds. This team averages almost 120 yards a game rushing. But can this team win game when they are forced to pass??

atlFalcons: 7-3 (B+)

The Big 3 are putting up stellar numbers!! QB Ryan, RB Freeman, and WR Jones are all having fantastic seasons. WR Jones is on pace for 2000 receiving yards, and Freeman is look at close to 1700 yards.. That’s amazing!!

tbBuccaneers: 5-3 (B)

WR Mike Evans is have a great year at 98 ypg, but QB Winston needs to take care of the ball better, 11TDs, 12INTS. Those numbers need to improve, otherwise I fear that they cannot make up the 1 game difference they need to lead the division.

carPanthers: 3-6 (D)

Here is another team that cannot run the ball. If you can’t run then its usually hard to sustain drives and keep turnovers at a minimum. Cam Newton has done a pretty good job at protecting the ball, but he needs help from the running game.


NFC West:

seaSeahawks: 3-5 (D+)

Thomas Rawls and Doug Baldwin are the offensive bright spots for this team. Seahawks are very fortunate to be in the weakest division in the league. They lead the division at 3-5… yes 3-5.. But if someone is going to win this division, my money will be on the Seahawks because of the overall talent.

sf49ers: 2-6 (D-)

Not much to say about 49ers at the moment other then, Carlos Hyde is having a pretty good season. Actually there is more to say.. The 2-6 49ers are still in the hunt of the division title, as they are only 1 game back.. So they need to fight because technically every team so far can win division.

stlRams: 2-7 (D-)

Rookie QB Goff is struggling, which was to be expected. The guy I like most on this team is DT Aaron Donald. He leads the team is solo tackles and is 4th in tackles combined. When your DT is one of your leading tacklers, that man is a STUD

ariCardinals: 1-7 (F)

The Bottom dwellers of the division… But still only 2 games from the top spot. (Amazing!) Offensive they aren’t a bad team. QB Palmer, RB Johnson and WR Brown are holding there own, yardage wise. They need to score more points (170pts). Defensively they’ve allowed 247 points. They need to flip those numbers around.



AFC East:

bufBills: 8-1 (A+)

This team controls the line of scrimmage.. They are another team running for about 120 yds a game. They also have run the ball more then they have passed, which you don’t see that very often in todays Pass Happy League. If you control the line you control the game.

nePatriots: 5-3 (B-)

Tom Brady is having a so-so year by his standards.. But atleast this team is 5-3. They haven’t run the ball well, and I think that’s going to hurt them more in the second half of the season when the weather gets colder..Coach CJ has a knack of getting his team to the playoffs, but it maybe hard for him this year.

nyjJets: 6-4 (B)

Darrelle Revis is again showing that he is one, if not, the best CB in the league with his 7 INTs. This is a pretty balanced offensive, but statistically they average under 200 yards passing and under 100 yds rushing.. Not sure if those numbers going to win games with you have to come back.

miaDolphins: 4-4 (C+)

Another team on the bubble.. They need to get to 10 wins to have a chance for a playoff spot. Offensively they need to pick it up. They need to commit to the run game more. They run the ball maybe 12 times a game, and are averaging 4.5 ypc.. They need to run the rock more with those averages.



AFC West:

denBroncos: 5-4 (C+)

The NO FLY ZONE, needs more INTs… QB Lynch and Simien have similar stats, but not sure
whats going on in Denver but they need to stick to one QB, unless one of them has been injured then I can see why they split time.. My opinion you go with Lynch. Right now they are tied with the Raiders for the division lead. Its going to be a tight race.

oakRaiders: 5-4 (C+)

TE Walford is been the standout offensively. He is averaging 23.7 per catch which leads the team by far. This team is in the hunt for the division, as they are tied with Denver. Now they have to just go out there and WIN BABY!!

sdChargers: 3-6 (C-)

Chargers are 2 games back, and 3 games from .500. I don’t think they can turn it around, too much of a hole they have to dig out of and its not looking good for wildcard spot.

kcChiefs: 2-7 (D-)

Offensively the Chiefs aren’t too bad, but defensively they need to force more turnovers. They are losing the turnover battle. 10 Forced turnovers needs to improve. The defense needs to start carrying its weight.


AFC North:

cinBengals: 6-2 (A)

Balanced offense, minimal turnovers is what has the Bengals at 6-2. Both of there Rbs are averaging 5.6 yards per carry. QB Dalton passes the ball pretty evenly among his recievers. The Bengals are also winning the turnover battle and that’s always a good thing, definitely helps the Wins column.

pitSteelers: 5-3 (B)

The Steelers can’t be forgotten in this division, as they only sit 1 game out. Wrs Bryant and Brown are lighting it up. They are both on pace for 1300 yds for the season each. Those 2 spreading the field helps the running game and Big Ben! Watch out for this team… A lot of waepons.

balRavens: 2-7 (D)

Lack of a running game is all you need to know about this team.. Averaging under 3 ypc, has put too much pressure on QB Flacco, forcing him into a difficult position resulting inn 18 INTs thrown so far.. On pace for 30+ Ints. Their season is lost, now is the time to develop a new game plan, and get younger players involved.

cleBrowns: 3-7 (D)

RG3 is actually having an OK year. But like so many teams with losing records, they can’t run the ball. They have a pretty good WR core, but just overall the team has been inconsistent.


AFC South:

jacJaguars: 6-2 (A)

Jags are tied with the Texans for the AFC South lead. Coach Drunkensmuggler always does a great job with the Jags, but this year he has more talent with an infusion of a great rookie draft. I really like this teams Wrs/TE. Probably up there with the best in the league. And Bortles is spreading the wealth.

houTexans: 6-2 (A)

Lamar Miler and the 3 headed monsters at Wrs, is why this team is 6-2. They control the ground by running with Miller (95ypg), and Wrs Hopkins, Fuller and Strong our Lighting it up as a collective unit. Be careful with this form Champs team!

tenTitans: 6-3 (B+)

Rbs Murray and Henry make up a nice combo.. Thunder and… Thunder.. They can pound you into submission. QB Mariota stills needs to improve his TD/INT ratio, but he has time to do that still before playoffs start. Looks as though there maybe 3 teams from this division that make playoffs.

indColts: 0-9 (F)

Bad season overall. Luck under 170yds passing per game. Gore not running well. Receivers not getting numbers they are use to getting. This team will have the #1 pick in the draft, and boy they need the help.


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