It’s another year of Playoff Madness in the OBAFL with so many different scenarios to still be decided going forward. Everyone already knows that the New York Giants are the best team in the league for the 3rd straight year in a row. But there is a lot of teams that we feel may up their game to a whole new level and add pressure to Eli and company in New York. It’s been another fun season in the OBAFL and we thank all for the great participation. All playoffs games will be twitched . Super Bowl will twitched at a specific time for everyone to watch this year. Get your popcorn ready. !!

Lets break down the Playoff Bracket.




nygThe Gaints seem to be the most feared team in the OBAFL for the 3rd consecutive year. Eli and Odell Beckham Jr have been wrecking havoc this year like in the past. But the additions of Sterling Shepard as a Rookie producing has really paid off. Victor Cruz has been clutch when called upon. The defense is strong but yet feel more comfortable playing Zone rather then Man to man coverage. 16-0 though feels pretty damn good regardless.

Predictions: I feel that they will meet Green Bay again in the 2nd round. And Green Bay will upset there perfect season. 24-21


noThe Saints and Drew Brees in company had a spectacular year of going 13 -3 . We haven’t seen this franchise this good since the 3rd season of the years of OBAFL was created. Drew Brees had a good year of throwing for 4100 YARDS 28 TD’S and 15 INT.

Predictions: If the defense can step it up a notch look for this team to go to the championship round.


gbThe Packers this year had a decent air attack, however it really game down to the run game dominance . Eddie Cheeseburger Lacey was named MVP this season and lead the league in rushing for 2142 yards and 22 TD’S. But lets not forget what truly made Green Bay special this year was their passing defense creating turnovers in a big way.

Predictions: Look for the Packers contemplating revenge on the Giants for the last seconds loss in the regular season as long as they don’t take the Bucs lightly .

GAME on TWITCH 11/6/16 AT 5:30 CST. Check your local Listings 


atlThe Falcons had an amazing season going 12-4 which we haven’t’ seen in a couple season with this franchise. However the now ex previous Coach decided that he would retire from the league cause he felt people weren’t playing to his liking. It was easier for the coach to cast blame to his opponent after losing instead of looking at what plays he could of made better calls on. Just another Scrub that couldn’t hack it. Real Coaches learn from losses.

Predictions: Should have been a more deserving team here.  Will lose against Seahawks in first round .


seaThe Seahawks have been up and down this year, yet still managed to win due to being the weakest division in the league. The defense has probably been the biggest point of their success and lets not forget RB Thomas Rawls big year rushing for over 1600 yards.

Predictions: I See the Seahawks losing in the second round next week.



houThe Texans haven’t shown the tenacity we’ve seen in recent years, though we still don’t know if it’s premature to say if Brock Osweiler is the answer or not. The defense has been pretty good while being dominant in the run defense department. The offense has been to hot and cold to really see anything big happening other then a playoff spot.

Predictions:  They still have some holes that will be exposed in the playoffs though I just don’t feel it’s enough to move to the 2nd round.


cinThe Bengals have been dominant from the start this year and finished strong. The key addition of signing Coach Sensai has not only been impact full for this Cincinnati organization but to the OBAFL as well. They have played hard every game and continued to get better as the season progressed. This team has a lot of fire left in the tank to make dreams become reality. One of the top 5 offenses in the league in my opinion .

Predictions: The sky is the limit for this team. They just have to play with the same identity they have all season and not look back. Look for them in the AFC Championship Round.


jacCoach Smuggler and his Cat pride Jaguars have been getting better every season since joining last year. This team has really emerged as one of the best Jags Coaches in OBAFL history. The defense is young and hungry and will only get better with some extra experience. The offense has played more dink and dunk and intermediate routes throughout the season but that’s not a knock what so ever. They have done what works best for there team and it’s payed off. The Jags are slowly becoming one of the most balanced teams going forward I feel in the OBAFL.

Predictions: I see the Jaguars having fits with Von Miller and the Broncos Crazy D. But how you rise above could be the link between losing and winning. Comes down to turnovers. Broncos by 7


tenThe Titans had a better record then most would of anticipated from watching the middle season meltdown in Tennessee. They regain there composer and started riding the Whiskey Bull with W’s on their backs.  However I feel that both Coaches fans and the league a like started to wonder if both the Falcons and Titans Coach were separated at birth. Both Coaches left cause losing seem to hard to overcome at times. Was it because they couldn’t stop certain plays so it was easier to be a distraction and point fingers at their opponent. But when situations were reversed there was no problems. This team has a lot potential going forward it just needs a better ingredient then a Bobby Petrino 3.0.

Predictions: Titans will lose in 1st round hands down.

denCoach Cordova and the Broncos didn’t expect it to be the last game of the season to determine their playoff destiny. Week 17 the Raiders faced off against the Broncos playing for the division, by the end of the game Denver came away victorious. The offense has been very sub par when it comes to scoring this season for the most part. The defense I feel is the peanut butter to the jelly in terms of what really is the anchor of this teams real true success.

Predictions: While I feel this defense posses problems for many I only see Denver going as far as the second round.


bufA good friend of mine once told me no one circles the wagons better then the Buffalo Bills. Well this season it the Bills have been doing just that. The defense has been very strong and the run game thanks to LeSean ” Shady”  McCoy has been a just another weapon in the Bills arsenal. When this team gets Hot not even an extinguisher will slow this team down. Probably the 2nd best team in the OBAFL right now.

Predictions: I would have to go all In and say Bills and Bengals in AFC Championship round.

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