The Houston Texans have just one their 2nd Super Bowl under Coach MikeD. They’ve won 2 out of 3 Super Bowls in 4 seasons which isn’t to damn shabby with Coach MikeD at the helm. Furthermore lets not forget that in OBAFL history shows the Texans franchise has been the most successful in 22 seasons hands down. No other franchise has made this many appearances in a Super Bowl let alone bring home the crown jewel of being called World Champions. This Franchise alone has been to 7 Super Bowls appearances and have won 5 of those which has been remarkable. There first Super Bowl was season 6 with Coach MaddenKiller, and then with Coach Urblessed with back to back wins in Super Bowl 9 and 10. Followed up with Coach MikeD bringing home 2 more in season 18 and 22 !

Why has this franchise been so blessed with greatness has it been the players on the roster or has it been the coaching ? In all honesty we could say it’s a sprinkle of both. When you have good depth and great coaching and little injuries that alone is a proven track record to succeed at the highest level.

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 30: The Houston Texans huddle before playing the Tennessee Titans in a NFL game on November 30, 2014 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) This team is very successful with the great front office of making the tough decisions of always being very selective with the coach they bring in. And with all the success the formula for winning has been dialed up perfectly. If anything has been proven in this league is that when it comes to making the playoffs you can damn sure believe the Texans will some how always be in the conversation. This team is a pedigree when always finding ways to win a ball game. This also marked the first time in league history that a team would not only play but host it’s own Super Bowl in it’s own stadium. Talk about some real home team advantage in the biggest game of the season.

Lets talk about Super Bowl XXII and how this match up between the Bucs really went down. The Texans open the game up with receiving the kick- off from the Bucs. The Texans sustain an amazing drive to go down the field and score the first touchdown off a 10 play drive. The  Texans defense played pressed coverage to keep most throws within the flats and some in the middle to force quick three and outs. The Buccaneers would not get on the board till about 1:20 left in the 2nd quarter before going into half time down 14-7.  Once the 3rd quarter started the Texans made the Bucs go 3 and out once more. It seemed as if the Bucs and their offense were rushing throws and taking deep shots down the field instead of taking what was given. Winston had many opportunity’s throughout the game  to scramble and gain positive yards and maybe first downs but never really took the chances. Midway through the 4th quarter Jameis Winston finally scrambled for a first down in the red zone but forgot to slide. When Winston didn’t slide the jarring hit caused a fumble and went right in to the Texans falling players hand. That drive alone was gaining momentum for the Bucs to get back into the game but fell short a costly fumble. After the game Winston went over the play with the media.

I took it upon myself to make a play and try and get us back in the game however, I didn’t do a good enough job protecting the ball and I let my team down. And I take the blame for this loss man. If I didn’t turn the ball over and slide when I should of, I might be here talking a 180 of how great it is to be world champions. But it didn’t workout that way and I’ll have this bad taste in my mouth till the season starts up and we get back to work and try and get back here and right a wrong right.

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