12th Man Violation

The OBAFL comes down on both the Seahawks and Coach Kam for violation of league rules. The league takes the rules very seriously, actions have been taken to protect the integrity of the league. The staff committee doesn’t have any pleasure in having to make a example of people regardless if you’re new or a veteran within the league. We understand though at times the games can be intense however it’s sportsmanship and respect for your opponent that matter most in OBAFL. With Violating league conduct rules in the OBAFL the OBA staff committee have come to a respectful decision.

The Seattle Seahawks will be docked their 3RD round pick in this years upcoming OBA draft, Coach Kam will face a 1 game suspension from the league.




We caught up with the Commissioner and he had this to say…

Coach Kam is a great person within the league hands down, though we understand that sometimes we can get caught up in the moment. We still have to abide to the rules that are in place and enforce them when someone steps outside of those boundaries. Coach Kam has been nothing but a great addition for the league for now 2 Maddens, however it just goes to show that we don’t play favorites. It’s the difference between us and some so called other leagues out there. I have talked with Kam and he’s been professional about this situation from start to finish and understand what he needs to change going forward. He’s looking forward to getting back to work right after his 1 game suspension.  I think going forward this just adds another layer to it’s members and audience showing the integrity and commitment this league truly puts forth.

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