Eagles Falter Again!!


The Philadelphia Eagles came into there match up with the Giants trying to prove something.. but they left with more questions. They said they were embarrassed by there 50-14 week 2 defeat, and wanted to show OBA what they can do after there 6 game win streak.  But what they ran into was the Wall that is the New York Giants. They just can’t seem to get it over it, as they lost 31-0.


“Not sure what all the hype was about, but I look into every game the same each week. I look at my opponents weaknesses and devise a game plan. Executing is always key to any game plan. Simple as that.”

Coach LT



Giants have won 26 Straight Games in the regular season over 2 seasons.

The Giants finished last season 16-0, then losing to the Bucs. This year they have stated 10-0 as they try to avenge last season. So far they look like they are trying to run the table again, which I don’t believe anyone in OBA history has gone undefeated two straight regular seasons.  We caught up with LT and he had this to say:

“Last year I didn’t feel that my team was the best, we had a lot of games that could have gone either way. Close games, that we could have lost. In fact I was hoping we would lose a game so that we as a team could learn before we reached the playoffs. After all I feel like you learn more from a loss, than a win. But unfortunately we didn’t learn until the playoffs. This year I don’t feel the pressure of a undefeated season, last year I did. Not sure what the difference is this year but I feel like this offense is more explosive and matches the defense equally. Felt like the defense carried us too much. This year offense and defense are clicking. And that makes us more dangerous overall.”



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