Written by: Redskins Insider/ Bill

Frustration mounts as Redskins continue to give up big plays in the passing game

The Washington Redskins and company thought things would be different from the past 4 seasons, while starting strong at 2-1 this season. However there’s been a missing ingredient that we couldn’t put are fingers on till now. The Redskins lack consistency from game to game and it has really shown this season throughout many games. They have won big games against more talented teams such as the Chiefs, Seahawks and Lions this year. So why is this team always hitting this constant plateau season to season? If you take the time to re watch the games this year they’ve have been in every game for the most part except for the ones that seem to be plagued by the Football gods scripting the games outcome winner before the game gets to halftime. Though for the record this is not a jab to anyone coach in the OBA, it’s just the fact that we all have gone through it at some point.                                                                                 .

The Redskins play calling has been really good this year, yet very balanced game to game. Kirk Cousins has made some really good reads though 80 percent of his passes this year. The drops by the receiving corp this year have really killed big momentum drives this year for this offense trying to stay consistent. The Defense year to year has been a disappointment though it slowly show signs of getting better , just regress back to it’s self destructive ways.

Coach Barnes needs to find a way to combat both the football gods and the opposing coach at the same time since it can’t be just the coach. It’s just the way the turn of events have been this season and past for this coach.

Consistency has not only has been lacking on the offense, but it’s been plaguing the worse defense in the league. Norman hasn’t been playing to his full potential this year and Breeland has been getting beat as if he’s a rookie again. Constant pressure of getting to the QB has be a huge let down. So I feel this year the Redskins will sway heavy in the either the draft or Free agency when shaping up the defense.

Coach Barnes had this to say at the end of his press conference follow yesterdays game.

” Even when things comes as a upward battle you’ve to find a way to keep your emotions in check and just grind it out. Then and only then do you find out what your team is made of ”  Coach Barnes

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