Commissioner Press Conference


Good Evening and thank you for being here today .

Before I get started today with what I want to discuss, I would like to take the time to say congratulations to both Coach Bills of the (AFC) and Coach LT of (NFC) for making it to the 23 OBA BOWL.


Yesterday I came witness to a couple of members acting like children, throwing fits and just being very unprofessional for a game that didn’t involve any of them. So on that note I’m very disappointed in those individuals and the way the conducted themselves as they should of been more professional. It stemmed from the AFC Championship game along with attacking a coaches play calling and integrity. Some might question if we our a Sim league, and yes we are if you didn’t know that already. The definition of a Sim league from our point of view has always been play football the way you see it in real life in the pros along with sportsmanship. Stop your opponent from scoring and or score on your opponent as it’s the name of the game. Whoever has the most points after the last whistle in the 4th QTR wins as it’s that easy. This league gives you the luxury of picking your own plays which should be a no brainer. You’re in control of adapting to what your opponent is throwing at you regardless of what side of the ball you’re on. Your opponent is to pick plays to move the chains and your job is to find his tendencies and make the adjustment stop it. Coaches should not have to be subjected to picking plays that cater to your style or liking on either side of the ball. That is just plain stupid.

EXAMPLE: ( If you know your opponent is bringing lots of blitzes up the middle you’re not going to run at their blitz all day as that would make no sense. So you would be running tosses and stretch plays to counter these middle blitzes and vice versa . Should be common sense, why should someone play right in to your blitzes. So make the adjustment to stop it if you see it again !
Every game is different based on your opponents personnel and there game plan going in. So if someone is running the same play then you should be able to stop it. You see the tendencies so take advantage of it and make them think twice before they chose that play again. (Just like in the Pros ! )








The art of football is about countering your opponents every move like a chess match. In real football some games you just have to take what the opponent gives you in order to keep your team in the game. We don’t consider this cheese we consider this football logic.
EXAMPLE: If your defense is playing one on one match ups with Tom Bradys WR and you don’t have safety help over the top.Then either Brady or any other QB would take advantage of bombing the ball down field until you pay notice.( Again this isn’t cheese it’s taking notice and making an adjustment just like in real football )



Most of you know from watching the pros that teams will take advantage of someone not making adjustments on either side of the ball and or after halftime. Anyone with any football 101 knowledge should know this and shouldn’t be having a tantrum. Some of the top players in this league I have seen since we have been twitching pick the same 3 defensive plays. But no one throws a hissy fit, or makes personal attacks about it but this needed to be pointed out. Others adjust and try to find a way around that designed play , or soft spots in coverage or running lanes.
It has gotten to the point when someone losses it’s not their fault it’s their opponent or something their opponent has done. Very rarely have I heard I played to aggressive, to conservative or to much zone coverage. Hell even hearing the madden gods just weren’t on my side today would be nice sometimes. If someone is running stretches then pick a play to counter it don’t complain there running to many stretches. When do you as a coach start to take responsibility of you own actions for not calling the right play to counter on either side of the ball.

How can a Coach call someone cheesy if they don’t take responsibility to make the adjustment of a play working ? I guess Matt Ryan would be consider cheesy if his WR are open on on slants routes and you keep blitzing ?? Instead you should be dropping your LB in coverage and your DB should be playing inside press. Again this is football logic
Maybe someone of you feel that this league should cater to you and to what you feel is right. So I hate to disappoint you but we do what we feel is best for the league and we’ve been doing it very well since 2009. Some of you need to understand this isn’t Burger King and no you can’t have it your way.

Maybe some of you want us to regulate every little thing to where the game is robotic and unplayable. If you’re interested in being part of an (NFL) league also known as a no fun league. I would be more then happy to recommended you to a couple to were everything is regulated in those leagues. Regulated down to were you can only run on 1st down and pass on 2nd and can either run or pass on 3rd. You can’t user catch on offense or defense, you can only control a d lineman.So be mindful that not everyone plays like you and that we all attack things differently with 32 different coaches.

You’re in an adult SIM league that plays just like the pros do on tv. You’re the Coach so step up to the plate and make adjustments instead of shifting blame cause it’s getting old. It’s like telling a top running team to stop running on a weak run defense. Football is about countering all 3 phases of football.

1: Offense
2: Defense
3: Special Teams

After yesterdays big ordeal I went to watch the broadcast of this game after getting home from the OBA Headquarters. However the broadcast was not saved and nothing was able to be looked into. As it has been in the past if you don’t twitch your game and have it set as a saved broadcast to be re watched then we can’t help you, as staff cannot watch every game at once. All games should be twitch and saved for staff resources just in case. ( Next season all games must be twitched and If you don’t want to then you’ll be removed from the league with someone that can )
My biggest concern is that I didn’t hear one complaint from either of the 2 teams playing yesterday afternoon. So that again raises and eyebrow. Members need to understand that we have a wide variety of skill players within this league.

It comes down to this either you want to be part of OBA or you don’t it’s that simple. A lot of hard work and sweat and time is put into this league that goes unappreciated. There will be no more attacking a members integrity ( In Chat Room ) in this league as you’re adults and should conduct yourselves in that manor. Any found doing so will be suspended for a time of our choosing. If you have a problem contact staff and have your videos saved if need be. We have 3 top staff members that make executive decisions within the league ( PigskinRodeo, RoughWave, RaidersXVI. They should be contacted on Xbox as a group message only not on group me.
Any non valid concerns and or constant staff harassment due to you can’t accept a loss or causing league disruption will be terminated. Consider yourself warned.


As Commissioner of the league if you feel you need to move on from us cause you do not agree, by all means you know where the door is ! And this goes to every member within OBA Nation.


The Commissioner of OBA NATION


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