In Effect starting today ! February 26 2017 
To all OBA members we have tried numerous ways of making communication easier for most of you. This year we’ve used smart-glass/ Xbox messenger (which has been mandatory over all others), we even incorporated group me back the past 2 seasons. However it’s seems giving members more options isn’t working out. I also feel that Group me has brought out the worse in some members which has been a real shock to many need I say no more.
So the league going forward will no longer use group me for scheduling ( Plain and Simple ). We will be sticking to one method of contact only. Xbox Smart Glass App for your phone this is MANDATORY ! This will be the only thing you should be using to schedule your games. If by the night before advance you don’t hear (a response from your opponent) or don’t have your game played please let staff know by posting in OBA Club. This makes it easier for the morning staff to make the proper adjustments of awarding the right team the win. If you don’t use the above method then you’re held accountable for whatever outcome comes to be and will be on you.
If you feel you’re going to have a hard time scheduling with your opponent then your message should have two of the top 3 Staff members as a edit recipient. This was always a smooth transition in past maddens. All these methods can be checked on the smart glass app including OBA Club, messages and the waiver wire. All transactions such as the waiver wire and or trades waiting approval should be posted on the activity feed in the OBA Club.  Anyone member found not using these methods mentioned will not be given approval for either waiver or trade.  Any member found doing so without approval of staff will lose their 1st round draft pick and this goes for both teams on trades, and just the one on waiver wire.   
So going forward I would like to make this very clear as this is not up for discussion. Anyone found messaging me about this, or giving me their disapproval will get no reply from me.
If you need any help or a invite to the OBA Club please contact a staff member for assistance.
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