The game winning pass to the HB to win the game

The Miami Dolphins and fans got there moneys worth after today, while hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers in Dolphin nation. This game was exciting from start to finish that even Terrell Owens said he was going to need a refill on popcorn before the half. If the last 1:30 before halftime didn’t excite you for the 2nd half then you truly don’t know football. Coach Wade has been with the OBAFL since late 2015 and wasn’t feared by anyone within the league.


As time has gone on over the years we’ve seen this Coach really mature and come into his own. He has really found a way of utilizing his team to it’s fullest potential while continuing to grow and learn. He’s struggled in the past of always forcing the home run every play instead of taking what the opposing team gave him. This season it is very apparent that he’s finally seeing it for himself and it utilizing as a strength to win big games. I feel out of everyone in the league he has been the most improved coach without having to take a top 3 offense or defense team to win games. It just goes to show that you don’t need the best to compete in this league. You just need a good game plan and a sprinkle of some madden god love here and there to be successful within the OBAFL.



This was one of the more entertaining games we have seen this year in the OBAFL and how about some of the amazing plays. Both teams receivers made some highlight of the year catches that were straight jaw dropping, along with some crazy runs to be exact. Both teams were laying the wood down like straight up lumber jacks, like taking right hooks to the head like Rocky Balboa did in Rocky 4. The end result is I believe in what Coach Wade brings to this once beloved franchise and hope he continues to give his fans-base a team to be proud of.

Coach Tay of the Steelers had this to say of the Dolphins win ……

” I never truly respected this Dolphins franchise nor its Coach for a long time. However I’m one that will give credit were credit is due. I can finally say that Coach Wade has earned my respect within the football world and he played a hell of a game.”

The final score of this spectacular game was Dolphins 43 Steelers 38 F. To check out the OBAFL Replay of this game Below.

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