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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington RedskinsThe Redskins this year started off their first 6 games at 4-2, showing a good sign of consistency unlike last years train wreck. However the last 6 games have been a reminder they still have a long way to go yet have done something really well this year in particular. They haven’t abandoned the run game like they have in past seasons and been a more balanced attack. This alone has payed huge dividends in some big games this year against some stiff competition.The defense has been better at stopping the run then most would have expected, coming into the season with one of the worst d lines in the OBAFL.


Coach Barnes made a huge statement this past week flying over to Arizona after such a emotional loss the week before against the rival Cowboys. The Redskins held the Cardinals to zero touchdowns all game, they also made a huge 4th down stand when Arizona did a pitch to the right side. Las Vegas made the Redskins going into this game a 12 point under dog which was honestly being generous in my opinion. When you think of the weapons on both sides of the ball for the Cardinals, along with their 10-1 that record. That alone gives any coach a hard time drawing up game plans counter either side of the ball.


Now the Redskins passing game didn’t have much luck until they started getting into the mindset of ground and pound. They got some huge runs out of RB Robert Kelley that was un-drafted out of Tulane this year. Momentum really kicked in when Kelley did a 80 + Yard TD run on a stretch play.

I have to give it to my offensive line today, they made some huge holes that created great running lanes allowing me to really turn it up a notch today. But overall I feel we were more physical then we have ever been this year. I liked it !

Robert Kelley


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