We are 16 hours away before the kick-off of the 24th OBA Super Bowl takes place. This will mark the last game that closes yet another chapter of high and fallen expectations around the league. Teams around the league will enjoy this Bowl as the off season in just in the horizon. Scouting has been going on around the league for sometime and some teams that miss the playoffs are hard at work as we speak. It’s going to be interesting as reports have been going around that some big names will be looking for a new playground to call home !


This is not only going to be a exciting Super Bowl, I feel this will break an all time league record of viewers watching from home of this Sunday Many know Coach Pittman as a veteran coach within the OBAFL for a long time now. He’s been not only a good coach,  but reliable in doing his part on and off the field. This will mark Coach Pittmans first ever Super Bowl appearance in the league. First year head Coach of the OBAFL was ecstatic when the Tennessee Titans called Coach Flaboy about a once in lifetime opportunity to coach within this league. It seems like just yesterday that Coach Flaboy signed his contract and said to his team and the organization

” We dictate where we want to go as a football team not the media not the opponent or any outside noise. We all need to look in the mirror and tell ourselves being good doesn’t cut it, being better then the day before accounts for greatness”    Coach Flaboy

The Keys to the game will come down to 2 things and you can quote me on it !   

1: Stopping the Run game

2: Turnover battle


Once the game is over the league will be advanced to the first stage of the Off season and It’s each and every coaches responsibility to try RE SIGN there own Restricted Free Agents before Free Agency bidding starts.  


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