New OBA Coach Contracts


OBA Nation and staff have been looking for a answer with Coaches wanting to stay or go to a new team. Everyone can rest assure we finally have found a good solution to solve the two most common issues within any Madden league. Keeping rosters intact, giving the coaches the choice to venture to a new team after their contract expires. This will be effective immediately !


1 Year Coach Contract – Coaching on a 1 year contract consist of No Trades, No waiver pickups, pretty much keeping the team intact. The only thing that is mandatory is signing back Restricted Free Agents to the team. (This also applies to new members to the league. )

3 Year Coach Contract– Coaching on a 3 year contract consist of Trades, waiver pickups, pretty much build your team. The only thing that needs approval is trades and waiver wire from Waiver wire Manager.


These are the only contracts available at this time. No exceptions.



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