Football is back !

It’s back to football in the nation of OBA, we can honestly say it’s going to be a wild one. Some more veteran coaches will be returning for some action this year.
With the new 1 and 3 year Coach contracts in will be interesting to see who stays put and who doesn’t. The funny thing with every new OBA season you really never know who is going to stay and who’s going to go. Sometimes emotions gets the best of all of us in the heat of battle on the grid iron. Some can over come losing and some can’t handle the pressure when they’re use to always wining.  At the end of the day the coaches are all good friends and understand that it comes to be the luck of the draw sometimes it the most craziest of games.

OBA Nation just announced today that they’ve disclosed a new logo with attitude, it really shows the heart and soul from it’s core! Most leagues around the world show off in quantity while few give quality as the number 1 ingredient for proven success. The competition this start of the season is going to be grease lighting crazy this year. After researching each team this year, it’s a safe bet 11 or more wins will secure a playoff spot in each division.

” And you can take that to the bank “

OBA wants to get back into the live Radio with coaches and fans, but it all comes down to how many people put effort into somethings coming back. Article writers have been the hardest things to find in OBA for almost 3 years. OBA might not have the fire power as one league such as MBL, it makes up in the quality that can’t be duplicated in ways. Could this be a year of under dog teams coming out the wood work to make a name for themselves ? OBA Network will be broadcasting some teams feed with a couple additions of effects.


The New York Jet are very close to signing their new coach later tomorrow afternoon from sources close to the jets organization. Who could this person be ??




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