At the end of Wk 1 both the Commissioner and the Jags owner had a meeting scheduled about coach Spillane’s future within the OBAFL. We caught up with Mr Football insider himself to give us the latest.


adam schefner






My sources tell me that after the game against the Houston Texans. Coach Spillane broke league rules that had an automatic league removal for his conduct ( stat padding and running score up) . I also learned that this was not the first time that Coach Spillane violated league rules. Last season he was found stat padding his one player while resetting his CPU game 7 + times to get the right amount of XP. He was suspended 3 games for this in which he acted like the victim. Most league players have wondered this year why games can’t be played against CPU. The Spillane rule was introduced right after his suspension last year, this is why no one is able to play their CPU games anymore.

The Commissioner advised Spillane that he was being removed and good luck, however that Spillane didn’t let the league down he let himself down. 30 + other users play to the rules and most understand that we do what is best for the league as a whole and not what is best for one or two people. Once the commissioner was aware of this issue he made the absolute verdict by himself that both needed to move on from one another. People in any league don’t always like this or that , they will do whatever they can to play victim to something they did to themselves. We’re not going to please everyone but we can at least make it competitive and fun with skill being the focus. This league has always flourished since 2009 that alone is a hell of a resume of the great people ( Coaches and Staff ) a like. ap_16244639382796-e1472749237454

We caught up with Coach Spillane after the Commissioner sent him a message letting him know that he has been removed from the league for the above.

LMFAO… I don’t feel bad. I had chew clock on the whole 4th down quarter. The league is dying out anyways cause of poor management just sad your blind to to see it. You ever stop to think that’s why no one responds to your questions about the league and if anyone does have anything to say you only hear what you want to hear and want. It’s your league to what you want with it but it could of been so much better. ( Coach Spillane)




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