The OBA commissioner held a press conference today putting in affect the new 4th down rules. These rules are effective immediately, and should be checked below from all coaches.




Revised 4th Down Rule

OBA is a SIM League that recognizes circumstances & situations dictate coaching decisions in the NFL. OBA will NOT REQUIRE Punts on 4th Down, PROVIDING IT IS A LEGITIMATE NFL COACHING MOVE based on NFL game precedent.

Guidelines for legitimate OBA League 4th Down attempts are described but not limited as follows:

Any 4th & 1 or inches regardless of field position.

Any 4th down on opponent’s 39 YD Line or closer

Any 4th down regardless of field position when losing & time is a factor. (This reason DOES NOT APPLY ON YOUR SIDE OF 50 YD LINE IN 1st HALF!)

Although technically there is no limit to 4th Down attempts, Common Sense & NFL Precedent will be determining factors in approved attempts. For example, 4th & 5 from your own 30 in 1st Quarter IS NOT APPROVED. Multiple attempts in the same game will be closely scrutinized, so BE SURE THE ATTEMPTS ARE LEGITIMATE.

If you believe that your opponent is failing to punt on a 4th Down that does not represent a legitimate NFL coach’s decision, YOU MUST TAKE A SCREEN SHOT TO FILE A COMPLAINT if the game IS NOT BEING RECORDED or watched by OBA STAFF! Pause the game if necessary, and take a screen shot that shows the game situation, score, field position, etc. Post the screen shot in the OBA Club & make OBA STAFF aware of the complaint. A review & decision will be posted accordingly.

ABUSE & CHEESE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! SANCTIONS WILL BE ENFORCED against abusers of 4th down, and can include EVICTION from the league. Be sure that you are justified in your 4th Down attempt or suffer the consequences.

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