The (4-1-1) Washington Redskins host the (1-5) Dallas Cowboys in a long time trash talk rivalry. This game had some big plays from both sides throughout the game, however each team was good one half each. Dallas came out in the first half making some huge 3rd down plays to extend drives to get on the score board. Ezkiel Elliot got the running game going in the 2nd QTR as he helped take a 10-3 lead over Washington going in to half time. The Redskins offense continued to balance their attack utilizing the run game at the right times to set up some big 3rd down pass conversions. Kirk Cousins got dialed back in when the game was on the line to drive the field and score, throwing a nice strike to Jordan Reed. Kirk Cousins has been consistent which is something Coach Barnes has wanted to see from Cousins for sometime.

Coach Barnes:

Kirk has been not only consistent but a true field general, coming up in clutch key moments taking control of the offense and executing. He has made huge jumps, I truly feel if he just keeps his mindset patient and focused the sky is the limit. Our defense has been just dominating which we didn’t do last year, I feel we our a more complete team then in recent years. We have been playing with a chip or are shoulder with some swag !





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