The OBA Staff has been meaning to add this back in WK 2 of Madden 18, however we have been working hard on both the details and the language of presenting this to the league. Today at the coaches meaning the OBA Commissioner explained things that will be happening going forward. This was a issue that was asked about by more then half the league last season in Madden 17. We told league members we would try to find a common ground that would work best for the majority of the league.



OBA is a SIM League that follows realistic NFL Game Play, tactics & coaching decisions. On occasion MADDEN MAY CONTAIN EXPLOITS that do not allow the user to control the result.

The Fake Snap is such an exploit & overuse of this function will be prohibited immediately. It favors specific teams & is unbalanced, is NOT USER SKILL BASED & only relies on an EA determined outcome.

The Fake Snap result is primarily based on Overall Rank, with the Higher Ranked Team gaining an unfair advantage in the outcome. Monitoring over several editions of Madden have proven this true Factors such as a Player’s Discipline, settings, etc.; do not influence the result.

Examples: 3 of 4 Defensive Lineman UNDISCIPLINED TRAITS & AGGRESSIVE setting NEVER went offside, while Lower Rated team had 5 false starts. Lower rated team called offside 7 times with DISCIPLINED D-Line & CONSERVATIVE Pass Rush, while undisciplined lineman NEVER had a false start.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for False Snap & will be strictly enforced: False Snap can only be used ONCE EVERY 3rd PLAY, and the BUTTON MAY ONLY BE PUSHED a MAXIMUM of 3 CONSECUTIVE TIMES. (HUT-HUT-HUT) That means on a typical series, you may encounter a 3rd and 1 situation. YOU MUST DECIDE if you want to try a False Snap on 3rd down, or save it for 4th down if you fail to gain the yard.

Despite some belief Fake Snap is the counter to Aggressive Defensive Pass Rush the ACTUAL COUNTER is the Offensive Coach Setting CONSERVATIVE BLOCK. The Developers intended for the Coaching Strategies to be effective against each other. The Fake Snap outcomes display the same results based on team strength as always, with no other USER factors playing any significant role. OBA is not about having a game decided by EA allowing one team to continually incur a penalty for an action they cannot control.

Abuse of this exploit will result in sanctions based on the severity of the action, and can include forfeit of game or draft choices. We will NOT allow False Snaps to determine the outcome of ANY game with too many penalties for a CPU player jumping Off sides when it cannot be User controlled.



Roster Adjustments

OBA is a SIM League that makes all attempts to have the INITIAL SEASON 1 ROSTERS be as AUTHENTIC AS POSSIBLE before Free Agency & Draft.

The Authenticity of these determines whether the league restarts for a New Roster Update or continues on to season 2. The reason is that for some teams significant player acquisitions or missing players impact the roster. For example, RB Adrian Peterson trade to ARI & the Free Agent signing of LB Bowman to OAK. BAL RAVENS are missing several important rookies from CFM that are currently included in Ranked Online Rosters.

To AVOID A RESTART, Roster Adjustments will begin immediately. Real NFL transactions that have already taken place will result in owners receiving instructions in how to handle the player movements.

In addition, ALL OWNERS Need to do the following:
Compare Your Current CFM Roster & Practice Squad to the Online Ranked Roster or Real NFL roster. IF YOU HAVE MISSING PLAYERS THAT YOU WANT NOW, Post a message listing that player’s name, position & location in the Franchise. For example, the 49ers currently have ROLB Elijah Lee on the MIN Practice Squad, and FS Dexter McCoil on the SD Active Roster. SF may request the return of those two players, and instructions will be sent to all parties on how to handle the transaction.

Owners may also POST A MISSING AN ESSENTIAL PLAYER MESSAGE. In this case, you may request a missing player that is Currently included in Ranked Rosters be created. OBA Staff will attempt to EDIT an existing unknown player to match the name & attributes of your missing player for addition to your roster. BE AWARE, EDITED PLAYERS MUST REMAIN ON YOUR ROSTER FOR AT LEAST 2 FULL SEASONS, meaning this season + 2 more. You MUST sign them to a minimum 2 year contract at season’s end.

Adjusting rosters in this manner will allow us to move on to Season 2 & Rookie Draft with no one missing Key players by this season’s end.



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