Game Chat- During your league games in the OBA we want members to either be in game chat or a party chat with there opponent you don’t have to talk while in game but if something comes up or you need to say something to your opponent its a lot easier turning your mute button off then pausing the game and waiting for a message to appear. End result creates easier communication with opponent.

Acceptable Pauses

are recognized for COACHING USE, such as Defensive Assignments, in game Audible Adjustment, etc. It is recognized that personal issues may arise in game such as need to deal with significant other, children, rest room, etc. If Pause Countdown Clock limiting pause to 30 seconds is not visible, A Courtesy Message is required via Xbox Live Text, Voice or Chat. Opponent should receive either text OBAFL for coaching issues or PER for personal issues so that they are advised of reason for delay. No Need to message if Countdown Clock is in effect.

Communication & Pauses

If you have a problem with a player or a play during the game, please notify the player AFTER the game with a message or a private chat. PAUSES to the game as a disruption tactic WILL NOT be tolerated and can result in sanctions against the member pausing/messaging. Document your complaint with a post game message to opponent and copy league officials. Forward any video or audio evidence. Complaints can be made by filing a SUPPORT TICKET available in the Forums marked ( League Support)
Through years of experience, it is known that the vast majority of players who PAUSE games to complain and disrupt their opponent are not valid. For example, 20 minute pause complaining via Xbox Live messages about use of TE as an H-back/FB, or RB runs to same left side when opponent is avoiding a 99 rated LB positioned on other side are NOT VALID. These were legal plays according to our TRUE SIM style.
The league monitors the stats of EVERY game played, and is extremely adept at recognizing questionable game play. Examples of valid complaints against an opponent are 1st Qtr 4th down attempts on their side of the 50 yd. line, use of hurry-up offense with no situational justification, frequent intentional penalties such as purposely running into the kicker/punter or User Controlled WR creating interference with Defense to lose coverage. (NOT to be interpreted as though it is OK to complain about formations or routes that normally create screens, only that a USER CONTROLLED WR is intentionally making illegal contact to lose coverage.)
Communication and Courtesy are expected from ALL MEMBERS. In Season 1, two Members unknown to each other experienced 10 disconnects on a Saturday afternoon. The problem was EA server issues. Through great communication there were no accusations of cheating or complaints. The eventual result was a great game and a continuing friendship.

Goal Line
You CAN NOT use Goal Line formation unless you or your opponent is about 10 YDS from scoring in the end zone.

Onside Kicks

You can only Onside Kick if you face one of these deficits:

Down by 21 points or more
Down in the 4th Quarter
Goal Line

You CAN NOT use Goal Line formation unless you or your opponent is about 10 YDS from scoring in the end zone.

Glitches, Nano

Any found using Nanos or know glitches will be dealt with or removed.

On both offense and defense we would like you to mix up your plays at times, however like in the NFL when calling their plays they usually stick with what works till it’s stopped. This is part of real life game planning and making the proper adjustments on defense.  EXAMPLE: ( If you know your opponent is bringing lots of blitzes up the middle you’re not going to run at the blitz all day as that is just poor strategy. So you would be running tosses and stretch plays to counter these middle blitzes or clogged gaps . The art of football is about countering your opponents every move like a chess match. In real football some games you just take what the opponent gives you if it’s only a couple plays that keep you in the game. We don’t consider this cheese and for another EXAMPLE: If your defense is playing one on one match ups with Tom Bradys WR and you don’t have safety help over top. Then either Brady or any other QB would take advantage of bombing the ball down field until you pay notice to this.( Again this isn’t cheese it’s taking notice and making and adjustment just like real football )




What OBA considers Stat Padding ? THESE ARE NOT ALLOWED

Having a player have 200 receiving yards in nearly every game.
Having a player have more than 350 yards in a single game.
Having a player have 250 rushing yards in nearly every game.
Having a player have 500 passing yards in nearly every game.
Having more than 500 passing yards in a single game against the
Throwing any long TD passes when up by more than 31 points in either the 3rd or 4th quarter.
Passing any long balls in the 3rd or 4th quarter when up by more than 30 points.
Scoring any long touchdowns when up by more than either 30 points in the 4th quarter.
When up late against the CPU, you must run the ball and if you want to move the chain so be it but Milk the Clock. If you are going to score again, punt the ball even if in field goal range( The game is already won )

Hurry-Up Offense

Although we recognize that the Hurry-Up offense is utilized to create an advantage for real NFL teams like IND, NE, etc., the reality of MADDEN is that it does create some unfair exploits against a User Defense. The User does not have the ability to control individual defensive players to get on-sides or in their proper defensive position before the snap. Therefore, this is an area that does contain some specific game play restrictions. Hurry-Up Offense is to be used ONLY in situations that require conserving time, i.e. nearing the end of Halves or losing by multiple scores in the 2nd Half. The same criteria used to determine Valid 4th down attempts is applied here. A 1st Qtr Hurry-Up to capitalize on the same play after a good gain is not allowed. Use of a Hurry-Up play when losing 23-7 with 2 minutes remaining in 3rd Qtr. is allowed. A Guideline to use would be as follows:

1st Half-2nd Quarter
Inside 3:00 minutes 70+ YDs to opponent Goal Line.
Inside 2:30 minutes from any field position.
2nd Half-3rd Quarter
Anytime losing by 28 points of more.
Inside 3:00 minutes losing 21 points or more.

2nd Half 4th Quarter
Anytime losing by 14 points or more.
Inside 4:00 minutes losing 10 points or more.
Inside 3:00 minutes 70+ YDs to opponent Goal Line.
Inside 2:30 minutes from any field position.
Again, the Defense must be allowed to get onside prior to snap when using the Hurry-Up Offense. The User Offense is allowed to snap the ball if the defense is still moving into their positions, providing they are Onside.

To clarify, this rule is primarily being instituted to stop the awarding of Defensive Off-sides penalties in situations where the defense is clearly still attempting to get back on its side of the scrimmage line prior to snap and User has no control of player movements. ALL use of the Hurry-Up Offense WILL BE CLOSELY MONITORED and evaluated for validity in the context of game situation, down, distance, field location, team rank differential and any other circumstances that impact the decision. That includes games against CPU opponents. Abuses of the Hurry-Up Offense WILL result in sanctions that could include suspension or termination of membership.

Courtesy & Smack Talk

This should be common sense. As adults, you should know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner. There will be times when trash or smack talk is fun and allowed but do not offend people or take it beyond what would be considered appropriate.

Sportsmanship & Running up the Score

Reading this means you been given your Warning.

Is NOT allowed. If you have a significant lead that can not be overtaken – run the ball and the clock. This applies for User vs User and CPU opponents. Scores of 60-0 with 60 pass attempts, 10 rushes against CPU opponents will not be tolerated. In User games, the same applies. When winning by 21+ points in 4th Qtr. and your opponent has basically conceded, implement plays that hasten the end and don’t needlessly inflate the score. Also you should be placing your Backups in as well.

Any games where opponents run score up over 30 + points a game on CPUE or Human will lead to sanctions:

3 Game Suspension FIRST OFFENSE
6 Game Suspension SECOND OFFENSE
Termination of Membership & Removal from the League ( We’re all adults here and we don’t believe in smacks on the hands by use of a pointless point system. )




It is a reality that disconnects will happen, with contributing fault from EA Servers, XBOX Live and a User’s connection. When disconnect occurs, if possible Members must record the Score, Time Remaining, Field Position and Ball Possession. Members must then attempt to contact each other immediately. Give your opponent a few minutes to sign back online. If your opponent does not return, contact any OBAFL Staff. If YOU are unable to return, contact any OBAFL Staff ASAP via any method possible with an explanation of the circumstances. A decision will be made on how to proceed based on the absent Member’s history with the league. If you and your opponent are both able to return, the following guidelines are to be followed:

Tie score games regardless of time left in game can be restarted from the beginning. If a team is winning, the Winning Member can either agree to start the game at 0-0 from the beginning, or request a mirror of the previous game, which would match the points needed to replicate the lead. For Example, TEN 14, IND 7 with 3 minutes left in 2nd Qtr. IND would let TEN score a TD to go up 7-0, then both Members would kill time until the correct Member had the ball with 3 minutes remaining in 2nd Qtr. with approximately the same field position.
Kneel downs, runs out of bounds, etc. can easily accomplish the field position. Game would resume at that point.
Members are ALWAYS allowed the flexibility to mutually decide how to handle disconnects outside of the above two options, such as ignoring a 3-0 lead at the start of the 2nd Qtr. to restart game from the beginning.
Disconnects will be monitored, as stated in the Home Hosting requirement. Be aware that if a losing team is responsible for the disconnection, such as a dropped internet connection or power failure, MADDEN will automatically award the option to COUNT GAME to the Winning Team. Usually the Server or XBOX LIVE issues are the ones that do not register the game as having been played. Be Kind, and keep things in perspective
An option to count game as a WIN up 3-0 in the 1st Qtr. isn’t exactly sportsmanship, and would not be viewed favorably by OBAFL Members. ALL efforts by Members to come to a mutual agreement on how to handle a disconnection issue without involving OBAFL Staff intervention would be greatly appreciated and recognized in future dealings with the league. If monitoring reveals an ongoing issue specific to a Member’s games, it may result in removal from the league.


If you feel the rules have been broken or in in-game dispute – play through the game and take note of the time in which it happened. PAUSES to the game as a disruption tactic WILL NOT be tolerated and can result in sanctions against the member pausing/messaging. Document your complaint with a post game message to opponent and copy league officials. Forward any video or audio evidence. Use the Support Form link at the top of the Forum( Must be logged in to see it) to issue a complaint that is hidden from everyone else to see but OBAFL Staff.

All Dispute Resolution will be looked over in the first 24 hrs once the information has been received by OBAFL Staff, both parties will be contacted for a detailed explanation of the circumstances.

Members found in violation of League policies will be subject to the following possible decisions:
1 Game Suspension & Late Round Draft Pick
3 Game Suspension & Early Round Draft Pick
Termination of Membership & Removal from the League
Quit Game or League

In League Infractions –

Any Trades being made that have not been Approved by staff will be violating the trade guidelines. This means you will have to reverse the trade and both parties will be docked future draft picks pending the severity of the infraction.

(Example if you trade 2 players for 2 players ) then you each lose 2 draft picks.


Quitting in game is not tolerated under any circumstances and can result in the immediate termination of membership. Disputes are to be handled as per the stated procedures. Quitting the League in season without notice or explanation to League Staff can result in sanctions or a permanent ban from future membership. Sanctions can include not being awarded the User’s previous team, but a lower ranked non-playoff team. The League will no longer tolerate Users that abandon their teams after having negatively impacted the ability of other User teams to participate in the playoffs.


This set of rules was created with one very specific goal in mind, to keep the league interesting enough for new owners coming in should we have to replace someone and limit the opportunity for illegal roster moves. Many of you will feel that this is not fair and you should be able to manage your team any way that you choose. Sorry but being able to keep the franchise full and the integrity of the teams is more important than individual happiness, as such the following rules will also be enforced.

The day of the Draft this New Rule will officially be in complete affect. Please Read Fully if you don’t any actions you do without approval by the league may result in a penalties. This is your Warning!!!

Trade Guidelines

These basic guidelines are used by the staff members to accept or decline a trade. Players overall rating and position are two huge factors. QB and CB being the Top positions as they are the hardest to fill in the draft. Players age factors in next followed by how long the owner has been in the leagues.

2 trade per season ONLY!!

Trades will have to be approved by the Trade Committee.


If your a new Coach to OBA Nation you can not make a trade in your first year till you’ve proven yourself by at least playing 1 Full Season. If you leave early or leave in the middle of the season you must replay 1 full season in order to be eligible to make a trade. No Exceptions

Trade Value of Players

A good rule of thumb when submitting a trade is to add up the overalls of the players involved in both deals with the same sum of players involved in the deal.

1st Round Draft pick is worth 85-90 OVR
2nd Round Draft Pick is worth 75-84 OVR
3rd Round Draft pick is worth 74 and below OVR

Draft Pick Trading

Trading draft picks is allowed. Draft picks will be tracked in the forums and enforced by the staff members. Teams can trade draft picks up tp 2 years in advance. In other words, if you’re in the 2012 off season, you can also trade 2014 picks if you so choose just keep in mind that ALL trades will require approval in the “trade approval” area of the forums.

All trades will be reviewed and approved or declined by the The Staff members on a 3 to 4 vote . Trades must sit in waiting for a period of 24 hours from when the original post was created in the forums. No players are to be moved until the trade is approved any found doing so will risk the penalty of the losing either a draft pick or losing 1 trade for the year.

Your allowed to trade draft picks while in the LIVE draft with some exceptions:

If your in the 2014 Draft you may only trade your 2014 draft picks to move up in draft
Regular Season & Off-Season Trades

1 player for 1 player trades.
1 player for 2 Picks.
2 draft picks for 2 draft picks, 1 draft pick for 2 draft picks is allowed. (EXP: Early 3rd round for a late 3rd round pick and a conditional 5th round pick)
Players may not be traded twice in the same season.
You may only trade with a team once per regular season, once you trade with a team, you may not trade with them again until the off-season. That mean any trade draft pick or player.

Free Agents signed by the owner may not be traded until the end of that Football season. Free agents that were signed by the real team in the NFL can be traded. This is done to prevent teams from signing players as trade bait.
1st round draft selections must play a full season before they can be traded. Trades in off season are limited to a number of players or picks, they just need to be approved by staff members.

Trade Deadline is week 6, once you play your week 6 game you may not trade, you may not trade with a team who has already played their week 6 game.

If you have a trade accepted and waiting to be approved prior to the deadline, the trade may be accepted on waivers.


Free Agency

FREE AGENCY BIDDING- Teams with biggest splashes in FA bidding do not get to pick in open FA after draft

  • No player in Free Agency bidding can be signed to a 7 year contract anymore. ( IT CAN ONLY BE WHAT THE PLAYER IS ASKING FOR OR A LESSER CONTRACT ) Any player found will be penalized and have to release player , while taking the Cap hit as punishment. 

RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS – You must sign at least half of your RFA. No if or buts.

OPEN FREE AGENCY PERIOD – Only non big splash teams can pick. Your turn to pick will be upon your draft place order.


In- Season 

Each Coach is allowed to sign free agents after the FA Bidding and draft to fill roster to 53 players. Off-season signings should be based off of NEEDS and NOT WANTS. for example the Patriot’s should NOT be signing a QB. They have Brady and Mallet behind him who is a very serviceable backup.

** All Free Agent Pickups Below must be Authorized by staff  ** Consider this your First Warning. 

During the season you may only sign a FA to replace a player that has been injured for the season / IR. If you lose a RB for the year you are only allowed to pick up a RB only. NOT A CB OR DT.
At the conclusion of each season you are required to release one player 75 OVR or higher to the FA pool. This is too ensure that there will always be some talent in the FA pool.

Mid season signings should be INJURY RELATED ONLY. NFL teams do not sign players mid season just to sign them. They have legitimate reasons for these signings, as should you. If you have a player OUT FOR THE SEASON YOU MUST POST IN FREE AGENT AREA OF FORUMS. It must be approved before you go out and sign someone for that position.
If your already have a ELITE QB on your team and have Won FA bidding on another ELITE QB you must release the QB your originally had on the team and will not be allowed to use as trade bait. This is to keep competitive balance. Anyone found carrying 2 ELITE QB will face penalties or loss of draft picks.

League Authority

OBA NATION has created the Ultimate Madden Sim League through hard work, instances of verbal abuse, long administrative hours and a dedication to bring an unparalleled experience to there friends and associates. Ultimately ALL Commissioner and Staff decisions are final.


By Filling and Submitting a Team Coach Application in the Visitor Center you agree to all the Rules and Regulations stated above. By registering on the forums you agree to the Terms that your reading on behalf of OBA NATION and understand this will apply to you as long as you are a member of the OBA NATION community.