I’m Will the founder- creator of OBA Nation. I’ve been running this league since the release of Madden 2010. I created this league with one big dream in mind, that dream was bringing some of the best football fans together. Most other leagues have tried to replicate our success with running multiple leagues and yet still come up short. Our foundation since day one has always been community and sportsmanship, being competitive while having fun. In my spare time I enjoy the Gym, Marvel Movies, a good cup of Coffee and Pizza cause I'm a Ninja turtle at heart !
Success does not lie in "Results" But in "Efforts" "Being" The best is not so important, "Doing" The best is all that matters...
I'm Antoine Co- Commissioner of OBA Nation and I've been one of the original members from day one. I'm a very lucky individual to have in my life both my wife and my three kids. When I'm not playing Madden you can find me either playing BF4 taking yo tags 🙂 and or creeping playing world of tanks. I enjoy kung-fu movies along with rooting for my favorite teams such as the Ravens, Bulls, Mets. This league has always been a one of a kind league in my book. I've always felt this league should be a symbol for how other leagues should operate. Quality over Quantity is always better as this league proves that day in and day out. The proof is in the pudding ! 🙂
Vice President
I'm Chad as most of you know. Though my close friends within the league know me as the Blue Falcon with a cape. If you want to know my personality just watch BF Friends and look for the guy called the Noob. "Promoted " I've been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys for the majority of my life. In my spare time I enjoy cooking up something good in the kitchen, or playing world of tanks, BF4 and or poker. One of the best things about being in this league besides the competition is the lasting friendships made within. I consider some of the people within the league like family and my second home.
Nation Rep
Well first and foremost I'm a Die-hard Green Bay Packers and White Sox fan. Somethings you may not know about me is sometimes Instead of going by Corey you can call me Mouth . Mainly cause I like to talk a lot, I mean a lot my mouth is like a rush hour highway ! 😉 This league always does what is best for the league as a whole, doesn't cater to that one that doesn't get there way. That's a true adult league in my book !