Will Barnes


I’m Will the founder of OBA Nation and I’m 35 years old. I’ve been running this league for over 8 plus years. Eight years ago we started out as a very small league with only 6 members also know as the original six. Since that time we’ve embarked on an amazing journey and grown bigger then we’ve ever imagined. We pride ourselves on the solid foundation and reputation we’ve built over the many years by always striving for quality. We believe strongly in quality over quantity especially when it comes to multiple leagues with in one’s community. OBA is always striving to be one of the most innovative leagues known in the madden universe. We want to push the envelope into the gaming experience by not just playing your game but living it. We want you the Coach to experience the true sense of the football world. Learn from the up’s and down’s of making the wrong draft pic or passing instead of running while honing your coaching skills. Football is like chess it comes down to strategy, good choices and lets not forget luck. Be part of something amazing but most of all jump on board to make your Madden home great ! Protect your Nation ! Bottom line


I was born and raised a Washington Redskins Fan since I was two and I wouldn’t change it for the world ! I enjoy playing Xbox and Battlefield and my favorite game of all time is the Mass Effect Series. My favorite superhero’s are Captain America and Gambit. I enjoy going to the gym and hiking along with playing hockey. Die Hard Caps FAN !!


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